Commercial Waste Services

Commercial Waste

We offer a variety of Waste Services with:

  • Prompt and efficient collection to suit your requirements
  • Regular, scheduled collection
  • Guaranteed safe transportation of your waste
  • Full documentation which complies with all relevant legislation
  • Lockable and easy to manoeuvre containers

As part of our services we can carry out a no-obligation waste audit of your business

Baler & Compactor

We supply balers on short or long term contracts to enable you to bale cardboard, plastic and Metals. We offer training, full maintenance contract and rebates for the baled recyclables.

Compactors can be supplied to reduce bulky waste, reducing transport movements and storage space.

Confidential Data Waste

We can supply you with bags to store your confidential waste, collect, shred the contents and issue you with Certificates of Destruction.

Wheeled Bins

We are able to supply a wheeled bin service, collecting commercial waste, cardboard and plastics. We have various size wheeled bins to suit your needs:

330L, 660L, 770L, 1100L and Commercial Waste Bags

Liquid Waste

We are licensed to dispose of all your liquid waste.

Sub-Contract Hot Works

Our specially trained staff are able to attend your site and help remove large volumes of scrap, by reducing the metal into manageable sizes, through the use of flame cutting equipment or thermic lance. Following a site survey all work will be accompanied by suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment and Safe System of Work.

Electrical (WEEE)

We are able to handle all forms of Electrical Waste (WEEE), ensuring that everything that can be recovered is recovered.

Disposal of Flourescent Tubes

SWM are licensed to collect and recycle your fluorescent tubes. We can supply you with suitable containers for the safe storage of the tubes, whilst they are awaiting collection.


  • Baler & Compactor Hire
  • Confidential Data Waste
  • Wheeled Bin Service
  • Liquid Waste
  • Sub-Contract Hot Works
  • Electrical (WEEE)
  • Disposal of Fluorescent Tubes